Welcome to Travel-Race.com

We are delighted to introduce you to Travel-Race, a new site aiming to connect cyclists from around the world with the best amateur cycling events.

Welcome. We are delighted to introduce you to Travel-Race.com.

This website aims to connect cyclists from around the world with the best amateur cycling events from around the world.

We aim to make Travel-Race.com a reliable source for cyclists to find an event that coincides with their existing travel plans, or a way to find their next 'bucket list' event. We will aim to focus on competitive cycling races as well as challenging sportives.

​If you organize an event and want to share information about this race, please click “Register / Log-in” at the top of the page, set up your profile page and list your race on Travel-Race.com.

Race Organizers can also get in touch with us anytime to share announcements, press releases, photos, race updates, results and other information about your event.

All listings on Travel-Race.com can be managed by you to ensure the information is up to date and provides potential riders with accurate information and links to your website and social media pages.

​At Travel-Race.com:

  • Listing a race is easy and takes no website design experience;

  • Any information inserted now can be reviewed updated or removed at any time in the future; and

  • ​Setting up your account and listing your event is (and will remain) free.

Bloggers are also invited to submit pieces that they want to publish on this site. We welcome anyone who wants to share an experience or provide other amateur cyclists with helpful information. We will promote quality pieces and hopefully generate new readers of your work.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries. We would love to hear from you.

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